Refund Policy

Terms and conditions of Refund Policy: cares about the customer. According to the system, to view the contact information of your chosen biodata, you must purchase our 'Connection' package. Each biodata contact information costs a 'Connection'. makes no promises about marital alliances.

Depending on the circumstances, we may issue a refund. Below are some refund policies to consider before purchasing our Connections:

A) When you are eligible for a refund:

- If, after receiving the contact information, you discover that the profile is no longer legitimate due to his/her marriage, your connection will be refunded when you notify us.

- If the alliance’s marriage talks are going on or already committed with another person.

- If any biodata is proven to be fake, your connection will be refunded.

- If you failed to communicate with the alliance, you'll get a refund.

- If you find any abusive alliance where you are mistreated badly, you'll get a refund.

- If you find false information in biodata when you search for the person in real life, you'll get a refund.

- Apart from those above reasons, if there are any legitimate issues, we will review your situation. customer care will verify your complaint. If your complaint is legit, we'll refund you within 7 days In Sha Allah.

B) When you are not eligible for a refund:

- will not be held liable if either party rejects the alliance, and your connection will not be refunded.

- Your connections will not be refunded if you unintentionally used one and the profile's biodata are valid and live.

Claim for money refund:

- If you successfully get your spouse or are not interested to take our service anymore but still have connections. You need to contact us at We will refund the money of your leftover connections. In this case, you'll get the money of the average of your lifetime connection purchase.

Conditions- If your Connection is purchased within 3 months then you will get your refund. And if it is unused for more than 3 months then you will not get your refund. But you can use this Connection anytime In shaa Allah.